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Carol Bertho
Carol Bertho

Dance producer


Carol bertho




Brazilian dance artist Caroline Gonsalves Bertho is currently a second-year MFA in Dance at WashU. She has a BA in Dance from Unicamp (BRA), Ballet training by the Royal Academy of Dance Technic (BRA), and trained at “The H+ Hip Hop Dance Conservatory” (NY). Her background is in many dance styles, such as ballet, jazz, tap, Urban social dances, and modern dance. She has dedicated herself to studying and teaching Hip-Hop dance for the past thirteen years, mainly working with the community project “Grupo Performance de Rua” (BRA) which offers free classes for everyone willing to learn and be part of a Hip-Hop dance collective. Her career combines experiences as a dancer and choreographer-director of theatre shows, commercial dances, and competitions, a teacher in workshops and regular classes, and a producer of festivals, dance films, shows, and all kinds of projects that support Dance as a powerful practice of speech impact that leads to transformation.

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