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Grupo Performance de Rua



Objective/Summary: Celebrating Hip Hop's 50th anniversary the Grupo Performance de Rua reunited to party, cypher, and battle together.

Role: Producer/Organizer

Results: Hip Hop party, battle and workshops


Objective/Summary: This was an institutional video produced by the Washington University in St. Louis's Performing Arts Department (PAD).

Role: Videographer


Objective/Summary: It was a show produced by the social project Grupo Performance de Rua about the origin and evolution of Brazilian Funk music and dance.

Role: Choreography director, producer


Objective/Summary: It was a music video by my production company, “Performa productions” with a partnership with “Maker productions” for the Music “Chamego” by Cays

Role: Camera director, Scene director, editor

Results: Music video