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_Grito em silêncio_


time line


Objective/Summary: “Tenda Móvel de Teatro” was a project sponsored by the city of São Carlos. For four years, a tent was set up monthly in the suburbs of São Carlos, featuring Circus, Theater, Dance, Magic, and movies presentations and workshops for free. The Hip Hop Company group "Street Performance" was hired to do the final show every month during the entire period of the project.

Role: Dancer

Results: Monthly Hip Hop Shows in several neighborhoods of São Carlos for four years


Objective/Summary: “Peter pan” was a ballet produced by Compasso Centro de Danças, São Carlos, SP. It was based on James Matthew Barrie’s play “Peter and Wendy,” in which I played the role of the fairy “Tinker Bell.”

Role: Dancer

Results: Presentations in the Municipal Theatre of  São Carlos

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